Rehobot, the best option to find your ideal home

When acquiring a property, it will always be important to have an ally, a friend to advise and guide you on the decisions that must be made to ensure that you find an ideal place that fits a specific lifestyle.

That idea laid the foundation for Rehobot, a company dedicated to the real estate business that has stood out for its leadership and for making property buying an extremely enriching experience.

Rehobot was a couple’s dream who saw in the real estate business the opportunity to help many families find a home that meets the conditions for quality, safety and comfort.

Sergio Giraldo, founder of Rehobot, worked for many years in a family business dedicated to this area of the economy.

After 14 years of experience helping many families to achieve the dream of owning a home, investors to consolidate their rental portfolio and real estate agents to specialize in the business of buying and selling, in Philadelphia and its surroundings, he took the decision, in the company of his wife Haydee Giraldo, to become independent and start his own business with new ideas.

Since then, its premise has been the well-being of its customers.In addition, he has in his favor that he knows the business from the inside.

In Sergio’s first company, dedicated to the sale, remodeling and purchase of properties, he gained experience in the construction area, which is why his opinion is relevant when advising his clients.

The Rehobot family works to serve the community, to make the sale of a property an enriching experience, without problems and in which all parties end up satisfied.

This company has a human group committed to providing you with the best information to help you find what you are looking for.

It is not selling to sell, the important thing is the satisfaction of finding an ideal space that meets the needs of each person.

Rehobot is professionalism, seriousness and ethics. It is a commitment to guarantee your future and your family’s.

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